Summit : W6/CC-023 – Cone Peak, Big Sur, Ca. Elev. 5,155ft.

     On our way up to Cone Peak my fiancé and I had to pass through Fort Hunter Liggett. They were doing all day live fire drills which could be heard throughout the day during the activation.

     Slightly unrelated, I saw one of my dream import Toyotas, the BJ74 I believe. Couldn’t help but notice the Mudrack  sticker on the back window.  

     Sign at the trailhead leading to the summit. It was absolutely beautiful here with the exception of being eaten alive by every fly and mosquito type know to man.

     Beginning of the trailhead leading to Cone Peak.

     Views looking north from the trail leading to the summit. 

     After a long trek to Cone peak I was able to pull out 4 contacts on 146.520 simplex. Here’s a view looking east from the summit. Thanks to KG6WSH, W6NPQ, WB6JWB and KK6PTS for helping me with the 4 needed contacts. Very remote and very awesome summit!


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