Summit : W6/NC-073 – Cow Mountain Ridge, Ukiah, Ca. Elev. 3,572ft.

     While on a weekend camping trip my friend Dave and I decided to tackle the nearby Cow Mountain Ridge summit in Ukiah CA. After driving about 20 minutes into the mountains on a dirt road we hit this sign letting us know it was another 8 miles to the top.

     Views looking east into Clear Lake, Ca. on the way to the summit. 

     Views west looking into Ukiah, Ca. from the halfway point.  

     View of the KNTI FM broadcast towers from near my activation spot. 

     Sent out an APRS beacon from the summit.


     Views west looking out over Mendocino County CA with the ocean just on the other side of the mountain range. This was my setup with an improvised table using an old pallet sitting there and an REI collapsible backpacking camp chair. Used the fishing pole to hoist up the antenna a bit and connected the radio to the Bioenno LifePo4 battery. That and a little water all fit nicely into my hiking backpack allowing me to activate the summit. 

     Here’s a little video of my station setup making contact with KE6EBZ. He was located on the coast in Fort Bragg CA which is on the opposite side of the mountain range far in the distance. We were able to hear each other both 5×9 on simplex. Pretty amazing. I was able to make all the contacts necessary within 5 minutes of setting up. This is a great portable solution for long distance 2m simplex communications. Thanks to the following contacts for helping me out : WA6KLK, KJ6ZVS, KJ6ZVR, KK6RPX and KE6EBZ. 


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