Summit : W6/NC-435 – Tiburon Peninsula, Tiburon, Ca. Elev. 748ft.

Road leading to the “summit”. Drive up the road. Park. Activate. Easy summit.

This water tower is where I’d advise you to park as parking is limited. This tower also is across the street from the activation point as it shows on the SOTA map.

Views northeast from the activation. As you can see it’s literally set in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Bench where I sat while activating. As you can see it’s not much of what you’d traditionally think a summit to be. Either way it was fun enough.

While the views of San Francisco were spectacular, I’d have to say this “summit” is one of the less exciting I’ve activated. It’s very much a drive-up summit with no hike really whatsoever. The good thing about it again are the views which also means your line of sight is great. I made 4 contacts without much effort on 146.520 with a little help advertising on local repeaters. Thanks to KK6YRG, N6MM, N6DOK and N6SPP.

APRS beacon sent out at the summit and screencaptured on


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