07/05/2016. Summit : W6/NC-317 – Summit: Wiedemann Hill, San Ramon, Ca. Elev. 1,854ft. (2nd Attempt)

     Success! I made it into the gated community. Several of the houses within the community are still under construction. And, wouldn’t you know it? I’m totally in the market for a 2.9 million dollar track home……or at least the guard at the entry checkpoint believed I was when I said so. I made sure to have a webpage for the development handy on my phone so I could show them the ones I intended to drive past and look at. To be fair I did at least drive by. I can honestly say that after looking I wasn’t interested in purchasing one of these houses today. Heh 

     After driving to the very top end of the gated community I hit the gate that lead to the summit. It was locked with a “no trespassing” sign though it had several locks acting like a chain which suggested many different people were able to access it. “Why not me?” I figured….

     On my way up to the top with Rosie the rescue pitbull. If you’re in the Bay Area and are considering pet adoption I can’t stress enough how great Tony LaRussa’s animal shelter (TL-ARF) was with my families adoption of Rosie. They made it very easy to adopt her and even gave me 90 days to make sure she was the right fit. If she wasn’t I was given the choice to bring her back for a full refund of my adoption fees. It’s wayyyyy passed the 90 days at this point.  ðŸ˜ŽðŸ¶ /adoptionpitchover

     Views looking east into San Ramon while at the top of the summit.

     I was able to find the summit marker once at the top. This is where I decided to try the activation from despite how windy it was. Improvising, I put my radio inside my partially unzipped jacket to shield the wind which seemed to make a huge difference.

     Views looking west at the bay while standing at the summit.


     Sent out an APRS beacon at the summit and then screencaptured while looking on aprs.fi


     There was a ton of wind once I made it to the top. However, considering how much effort I’ve put into figuring out this summit I didn’t mind too much. Within 5-10 minutes I had several contacts from all over the Bay Area using 5W and a 12″ whip antenna. Thanks to KM6BZL, N6HRO, N6NXI, KG6NUB, KC6SVW, AG6Q and W6OG for taking the time to allow me to be able to log them as contacts!


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