Summit : W6/CC-035 – Summit: Mt. Konocti, Kelseyville, Ca. Elev. 4,299ft.

     Today my fiancé Alie and I decided to tackle the Mt. Konocti summit. It was a 4 point summit and seemed like it would be a good hike on top of getting to play radio. Luckily the summer weather gave us a break and didn’t get above 85 degrees.

     About 1/4 into the hike you’ll reach your first resting point at which you can sit and enjoy the views of Clearlake. Alie and Rosie did just that.

     View of the summit from roughly less than a mile left in the hike.  

      When less than a few hundred feet from the top you pass a piece airplane wreckage from the Enzler airplane crash that occurred on a stormy day in 1970. 

     Once Alie and I were at the summit there were 2 gentlemen who were volunteers with Forrest Fire Lookout Association manning the lookout tower for the area. They saw us down on the ground and were nice enough to invite us to the top to get an even better view of the area. How extremely nice of them! And, of course, the views were actually that much better from up there.  

     Views of Clearlake from the Mt. Konocti CalFire lookout tower. So nice of the lookouts to let us up into their space and to explain how to us how they do their job. This is also where I made my first S2S contact with W6PZA. Great experience!

     Sent out APRS from the summit and tracked myself on  

     After what felt like a never ending uphill hike of 4 miles Alie, myself and our dog Rosie finally made it to the summit. The views were an amazing 360 degrees of surrounding Lake County including Clear Lake. I called CQ on 146.520 and though I could make out a few people talking I think my 5w wasn’t enough to reach them. I moved over to a local repeater which was actually housed not even 100 feet behind where I was standing. I was able to make contact right away with KK6TMN who was nice enough to spot for me on other local repeaters. I moved back to 146.520 and with the help of TMN I had a few people waiting to make contact with me. The list grew to a few more and after only a few minutes I was able to get more than the 4 needed contacts. I also was able to make my first S2S contact for 10 points with W6PZA who was activating St. John Mtn. W6/NC-004. This summit was one of the more challenging hikes but had the best reward so far. Alie and I both thought it was totally worth it! Thanks to KK6TMN, KI6NAT, WA7OEF, KA6OSX, KK6TNH, W6PZA and KK6TDG for the contacts. 


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