Summit : W6/NC-434 – Summit: Bay Hill, Bodega, Ca. Elev. 761ft.

     Today I was passing through the Bodega Bay area and decided to see if I could find an easy summit to tackle on the way back to work.  I luckily found a drive up summit called Bay Hill.  It was very simple to do as all you had to do was park in an old driveway which faces the summit, get out and walk just a bit and you were in the activation zone.

     I hung an endfed antenna on a nail sticking out of a telephone pole along the road and ran the wire to some nearby bushes.  Worked 5 people in 5 minutes, all the while staring at the beautiful Bodega Bay. 

Captured here is the tail end of a conversation about my wire antenna and KX2 with AA7DK.

     This is the view from where I activated the summit.  It is within the activation zone with the actual summit being the small hill behind the fence on the right of the picture.  The owner apparently isn’t into having anyone on his property which I respected. 

     The views here are pretty spectacular of Bodega Bay complete with small hawks diving into the surrounding fields and coming up with snakes, lizards or mice.  This activation was a quick one with 4 activations on 20m and 1 on 2m simplex.  Thanks to W7RV, AA7DK, N4DA, N7ERU and KK6DQE.


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